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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

How do you react when someone mentions the word “responsibility”? A lot of people associate a negative connotation to it, it sort of carries a burden with it. The word responsibility when broken down is made of two words, “response” and “ability.” The ability to choose a response. It is the ability to respond rather than react - “Given my ability, what will be my response?” There is choice involved. See it as a internal power rather than a external burden. You have the ability to respond how ever you want, you can choose a response and you can choose not to react.

A lot of us feel entitled a great life without doing the work, some one out there is responsible for our happiness and our success.

The blame game is massive in our society And because it’s habitual, it perpetuates. The problem with blame is, it generally doesn’t fix anything. And it takes the power away from you.

If you want to create 100% of your life, then you have to assume 100% responsibility as well. You cannot totally control what happens to you, but you can certainly control how you respond to it.

If you choose to take 100% response ability then you can create and change the situation.

When you blame, you create a helpless situation for yourself, you feel you have to wait for others to change their response so that you can achieve anything.

There is a huge difference between finding out what caused a problem and changing that, rather than who caused it and blaming them.

If you are not happy with the life you are creating, change your response. Change the way you think, change your behavior and create new productive patterns. We can get out of our conditioned reactions, we can create a new way to respond.

To learn some daily practices that can help you respond intelligently rather than react instantly watch the video.

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