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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

It always starts with you.

All things in the Universe are flowing in circulation at an ever expanding rate. It is the law of circulation. Giving and receiving are the two ends of a line. You have to partake in both and then it becomes a circle of abundance, of richness, of prosperity. You have to smile first before the mirror can smile back.

Learn more about this law here.

Cant’ sleep?

Try these affirmations, close your eyes and listen to this every night. Relax and drift into deep sleep while listening. Whenever you get a chance, soak your mind at night with these powerful affirmations. Remind yourself you are safe, you are calm and you are loved. You deserve a beautiful deep sleep. The subconscious mind accepts orders that are presented to it over and over again. Repetition is the key. This recording has the following set of seven affirmations repeated 108 times.

Your attention is a prized possession!

If you are not consciously directing your attention, then other’s will. In this new age of fragmented attention, now more than ever before, we have to be conscious of where our attention is being directed. The steps of creating a successful and enriching life in all areas require a clear intention, focused attention and deliberate action. And that order is vital!

Thank you and Namaste

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