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Updated: Sep 13, 2022

How do you feel about money?

Not what you think of money, or how much you want or need it, but really to the core, cold hard truth, how do you feel about money?

When money is mentioned, does it excite you? or stress you out? or do you feel nothing?

Do you have mixed feelings about it? Do you enjoy talking about money? Or would you rather change the subject?

Money is simply energy. Money is neutral. In our human construct we have decided to establish money as a medium of exchange. Money is not everything, but money is definitely something. I see money as a magnifier. I don’t need money to be happy, but money magnifies my enjoyment and happiness. Money assists me to live a happy, fulfilling life. Money brings a variety of things and experiences to me and my loved ones. It facilitates me to help myself and others when in need. Money is not the source of my freedom or security, my mind is, but money facilitates that.

Is money the only way to have amazing experiences in life? Of course not.

I choose to have a good time, with or without money. But I know, money helps me create and access fabulous experiences, and I’m grateful for that.

There is beauty in everything, if you choose to see it. For me the sky is marvelous as are the stars and the vast ocean. I also choose to see beauty in a crisp hundred dollar bill. It’s all made of the same matter.

It’s a choice.

In my opinion, Money is a magnifier. If you are a greedy person, if you believe in lack, then money probably will magnify that. So many times I hear, money broke our family or our relationship. If one was looking to leave the relationship, money provides the avenue. Money can make good situation even better and it can make a negative situation even worse. If you are person with a positive attitude, and focused in your personal and collective growth, then money will magnify that.

Imagine you are driving a jet boat, this boat could take you to tropical island or into an iceberg. Money is the fuel that helps it get there faster. Money is not conscious. It does not make any decisions of its own. You are the one steering the boat, and you can steer it into prosperity.

Is Money the root of all evil? Certainly not! If money was replaced by something trivial like sand, some people will start hoarding and stealing that. People will start putting barbed wire around kids sand castles on the beach. Gangs will be stealing pristine beaches.

Money does not inherently breed evil. Greed is the cause of a lot of problems. Insecurity is. Not knowing who you are and the real power that resides within you is the problem.

Imagine money as a person!

What sort of relationship would you like to have with this person? Would you like to be friends with money? Or just mere acquaintance?

If you have decided to be friends with money, what would you like to do with your friend? Would you like to have fun with money. Would be a needy friend to money or would you like to be a stable, confident friend.

Is money a friend that brings out the best out in you? Or is money a grouch who you would rather avoid?

Would you want to have money over with your friends and family or are you ashamed of money and would rather meet up in secret.

Let me introduce you to my friend money.

No 1: Money wants to grow

Just like nature, money has the innate tendency to grow. In nature, there are always new trees, plants, more fruit and grass. Similarly money wants to grow. Help money grow. Money likes to experience life, ideas and places. Would you do the same thing with your friend money every time or would like to experience different things? If you want to start a business, and if you see money as an ally, she will surely serve your purpose. It’s important to not only to simply earn money, but to grow money. It’s your job to learn about ways to invest and grow money.

No 2: Money needs to flow

The word currency, commonly associated with money is a fine example of this trait of money. Just like when water is flowing and moving it cleanses, it purifies, it makes things green, it creates growth, it nurtures. But when water starts to slow down, is held back and starts to be still, it can be toxic and stagnant. In the same way money needs to be in circulation. It needs to flow all over the planet and everywhere it goes it’s useful, it makes things happen and it’s passed along.

Don’t be greedy with her, don’t curtail her flow. Don’t be stingy with her. Don’t cage her or lock her down. Help her flow and in return she will bring you multiples.

Just like you, she wants to be part of experiences and people. Money will generally side with people who allow and facilitate her to flow, she wants to reach as many people, as many ideas.

No 3: Have multiple channels

If you want a garden of crops, you sow many of the same. So in case one dies, you have others. Nature does it all the time, nature lavishly produces many of each, some will get washed away, some will get eaten, and some will live and regenerate. If you want money to grow, you have to have many channels of income.

Diversifying your income through multiple streams is valuable because if one type of income dries up, you still have other sources to keep you going.

No 4: Acknowledge and appreciate her

Most people have a needy relationship with money, they are usually anxious and unhappy when she doesn’t come on their time. And when she does come, they complain that she is not in full form and that she is late. Most of time they don’t even appreciate her for being there. That sort of attitude would make anyone want to leave quickly. Then, usually they just want to do the same old things with her. With the same old grumpy attitude. Just like you, she will avoid going to people and places where she is criticized.

And just like you, she will love to go where she is truly appreciated.

You must decide what sort of relationship you would like with money.

Choose to have loving, symbiotic, long lasting, secure relationship with money. Appreciate when money comes. Learn to invest and grow money, teach others who are interested.

Don’t bitch about money.

Don’t nag her.

Don’t say how bad she is, how evil she is, then expect her to come to you, to be part of your life.

So many people have a dysfunctional relationship to money, they talk about how evil money is, yet there desperately seek her.

If you have no interest in money for yourself, remember there are others who might need it. Help circulate it in the right places. Help others benefit from money. There are so many causes out there that could greatly benefit from money. Not everyone has to be super rich, but you have to ask for the amount you want. When you have money, you have the resources to reach out and help lot of people.

If you want money to be there for you, be there for her. Be thankful when she comes, be present with her. Be aware of how you are circulating her, see that you are helping her grow and reach out as many people and places as possible. Appreciate her. Respect her.

No 5. Mind your own business

Don’t be jealous of her relationship with others, how often she visits others or what they do with her. That’s none of your business. Don’t compare your relationship with money with others. Focus on building a healthy relationship with her. Money has the ability to be friends with many people. If you think of money as your friend, and a true friend, then act as one.

In conclusion, remember money is just energy. Some people yield it for good, and some for bad. It’s a choice. If you think only greedy people have money, then change that. Improve your relationship with money, we need more conscious people improving their relationship with money, so that money can be used for the better. Imagine a world where the majority of money is in conscious hands.

Thank you and Namaste

This is Niko on the Moon.

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