For most of us, we rarely stop to think about what we are saying. Our words and thoughts roll off our tongue without care for benefits or damage they cause.

Words attack and words attract.

Your words carry a certain energy that creates a reaction or a ripple effect that returns to you multiplied. There is a cause and effect in this world, everything you say is creating an effect in you and the people around you. We are constantly creating - either positively or negatively with the thoughts we think and the words we speak.



Are you telling yourself what you “should” do all day everyday? The word “should” has become a fixture in our everyday language. It’s very normal, we all do it. Okay, so you think, you should do this and you should do that, but what do you actually want to do? We have been taught what we “should” want, but no longer know what we actually want, and we often confuse the two. Did you even what to do it in the first place? Are you doing something just to please others or other’s standard? Why should you? According to whom, which rule book? I believe we are powerful creators but we must learn to harness that power. A creator chooses to use words that our empowering, creating power within choice, rather than a compulsion to do it.

What is this life?

Why are we here? What is our purpose? If these are the sort of philosophical questions that keeps you awake at night, then you are in the right place. I ponder and evaluate from different perspectives and try form some sense of this beautiful enigma called LIFE.

If you have any questions or suggestions for videos or blogs or just want to say hi, flick me a message.

Love to hear from you.


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